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scholarship fund in the girls names. so far, it has given out almost $500,000. if you would like more information, go to our website, w the u.s. senate is supposed to be voting on its version of the bill. senate president harry reid is just trying to come up with the 60 votes he needs to cut off debate. however, the senate has yet to even begin the voting. it turns out the vote may have been superseded by events. bruce leshan is live in the newsroom. what do you mean by that? >> the biggest bone of contention is disaster relief. we had way too many floods, hurricanes, and fires in 2011, but the big news tonight is that fema may not run out of money on tuesday. it may have enough to get through until friday and friday is the end of the fiscal year. senate democrats are furious that the house insisted on cutting money from solar energy and automotive fuel research to pay for an extra billion dollars in disaster relief.
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but if fema can survive intell saturday, hoping house republicans will agree to a bill without the corresponding cuts. >> we don't have to send an offset to rebuild iraq. we don't have to find an offset to rebuild afghanistan, but we have to scramble around here and find an offset to help the people of our country. >> the obama administration said that they are looking at other ways to keep it going for the week and come back. but i'm frustrated with you. we shouldn't have a fight over everything. >> everybody knows we are going to pay for every single penny of disaster aide that the president declares and that fema certifies and the house sent over a bill that does that. the senate should have approved it. >> now the chances of the democrats coming up with enough votes for this bill, their bill, looking bleak. so as soon as tonight, they may put together a clean bill to fund the government from saturday through mid november
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and if there's no extra money for fema in the current fiscal year, they are hoping the house republicans will go alone. derek. >> all right, thank you bruce. two students were injured today when the experiment they were working on exploded at the university of maryland. it happened on the first floor of the chemistry building right smash dab in the middle of the college park campus. lindsey mastis is live with the investigation. lindsey. >> lesli, we are told that the students were sent to the hospital. they are now in a burn unit and they did suffer first and second-degree burns to their face, to their chest, even their arms. they also have some shallow lacerations that was caused by glass that exploded. we are told that they are local students, so their families were notified right away. students here on campus and those that go to class in this biochemistry building, they want to know what went wrong. >> the girl came running out f the bathroom. another girl was holding her and she had blood all over her arm and blood on her face and
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she was crying. >> i saw a trail of blood. >> students were inside a classroom mixing together two chemicals. >> nitric and sulfuric acid. >> when they were done. >> the chemicals were dumped from whatever utensils they were using into a waste container. a violent chemical reaction occurred. >> fire alarms went off and rushed into the hallway and this girl was being rushed out. >> the two women, a 19-year- old and a 20-year-old had to undergo decontamination before going to the hospital. the building was evacuated and soon, firefighters got into the classroom. >> they found a small fire in a hood system of a chemistry lab. >> after the fire was out, hazmat crews went in. they didn't know which chemical caused the explosion. >> there is enough product left over, i think where they will be able to determine what was in there. >> fire crews have left the scene, the building is back open. of course that classroom still
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has to be cleaned up and that is going to be up to the university of maryland. reporting live, i'm lindsey mastis, anita, back to you. only on 9 tonight, new information on the scandal at the d.c. office of employment services. bruce johnson has uncovered the identity of a second employee who allegedly helped scam the system and send fraudulent unemployment compensation checks to family members and friends. >> frazier, the acting head of the unemployment compensation division was the first to be fired. >> people getting unemployment who perhaps shouldn't have been there. >> frazier was terminated from her $97,000 a year job after a probe that her daughter was receiving fraudulent unemployment checks. revealed late last week that a second employee had been fired. they refuse to release the name or details. >> our sources close to this investigation identified the second fired employee as one,
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greg price. he has been here since 1975, his position was claim supervisor. his immediate supervisor, gabe frazier. >> refusing to say if the probe targeted other employees. this much we have been able to confirm. investigators learned that fraudulent checks were sent to frazier's apartment. the checks were made out gabby frazier's daughter, lauren, and a man believed to be the daughter's boyfriend. no answer at the frazier's apartment door today. sources say the scam fell apart after the people who managed the apartment building complex learned their firm had been falsely listed as a past place of employment for frazier's daughter. >> i'm told there is evidence that this has been going on for quite some time. >> how long can you tell me? >> that i do not know. that is totally under investigation right now. >> gabby remains mum.
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she had been active with ward 8 democrats, speaking out for councilman marion barry after he was senttured by his colleagues last year. >> he's a human being. so we make mistakes like the rest of us. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. >> now we go to baltimore where a federal court has begun the process of seating the jury in the trial of state senator, yew yew ulysis currie. he was working as a consultant. that trial could last several weeks. and opening arguments underway in the murder trial of a virginia grandmother. 50-year-old carmella is accused of throwing her daughter off an elevated walkway at a local mall. the little girl died. the defense says she loved 2 1/2-year-old angeline, but she had a moment of insanity. however the prosecutors call her a spiteful, vindictive
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woman that was jealous of all the attention given to her granddaughter. if convicted, de la rosa faces a maximum life in prison. and a new charge for the man. the loudoun county sheriff's office says jonathan damaged some of the cinder blocks in his cell in an escape attempt. he is being held at the loudoun county adult detention center in connection of a series of vehicle break ins. over the weekend, we told you about a warning there georgetown university hospital after two people fell ill from eating wild mushrooms. two other women fell ill after picking and eating mushrooms from a farm near warrenton. now our region has seen an explosion in the mushrooms after all of our recent rains. doctors warn you, unless you know what is poisonous and what
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is not, now is not the time to pick them to eat. >> no. >> no kidding. >> no, no. ladies, i'm going to have to step away and work on the 7:00 news and 9news now. but tonight we are getting into that debate over the separation of church and state. you know it never ends. the aclu suing a virginia company over prayer. new video from inside the washington monument during last month's earthquake. hear from a woman who was inside. that's coming up in 8 minutes. topper. >> it is crazy. we'll show you the high and low. despite the clouds, low was only 70. average is 77 and 59. we'll come back. we'll talk about when showers roll in and what that means for your morning and evening commute tomorrow. but up next, you heard about the plan first right here on wusa9. find out how you can weigh in on whether there should be cameras in some local schools. we'll be back.
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you saw it here first on wusa9. parents are getting their chance to weigh in on a proposal to put cameras in some schools. food fights at west springfield high last may were caught on camera. you can weigh in on the proposal tonight at hey field's secondary school. the hearing on the cameras starts at 6:30. interested in working from home and getting out of that daily commuting grind? well your boss might now have greater incentive to say yes. but commonwealth of virginia is offering tax credits for businesses that allow their employees to telework. supporters say the two-year trial program is aimed at cutting traffic, improve productivity and letting employees spend more time with their family. anita. >> lesli, you may not know arch wes by name, but he
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created these, doritos. the first nationally distributed brand of tortilla chips. he died in . a lawsuit gets filed six weeks after that concert stage collapse at the indiana state fair. we'll tell you what the family wants.
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at six weeks after a harrowing stage collapse at the indiana state fair, one of the women injured is out of a coma. doctors did not expect andrea to survive, but her family says she made some amazing progress. she is able to write her name and the names of other people. she can ask questions. >> she had a crushed skull, collapsed lung, and three broken vertebrae after heavy winds knocked the stage into a crowd of people waiting for
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sugarland to perform. seven people died, dozens were injured and today a lawsuit was filed to try and get the state to pay what is being called full and fair damages to the families of those killed or injured. >> we saw clouds coming. a man came out on the stage and told us that the storm would move around us. it wasn't going to hit us and not five minutes later, i was knocked unconscious. i never saw her again. >> alicia was seriously injured in that collapse. her wife was killed. they were sitting in the front row. indiana currently has a $5 million cap on damages that can be sought in a lawsuit. but today's lawsuit is can trying to get that limit
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adjusted. fortunately no one was injured. in the days after the quake, cracks were found in the monument and today we're getting our first glimpse from inside the tower as the tremor unfolded. kristin fisher live on the national mall. kristen, how long do we think the monument is going to stay closed? >> it will be at least several weeks, maybe months before the washington monument is back open. to give you an idea just how bad it was inside the monument when the earthquake happened, today the national park service released footage from the moment the earthquake happened. inside was national park service ranger, nikki williams. nikki, thanks for being with us. what did you feel? what happened when you felt those first tremors? >> it was frightening. i could see the elevator shaking and then i can feel it reverberating. debris starts to fall from the ceiling and that's when i make the decision that the visitors need to get down. i don't know if it's an attack.
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i have no idea what's going on. whatever it is, we are safest on the ground and we need to get out. i yell at everyone to go down the stairs. i open up that emergency exit. get them down. i run back up and you can see me flashing by on that video as i run around that top level to secure the area and make sure i am the very last person down that stairwell, so we had no visitors left at the top. >> i know you received a lot of accolades today from the rest of the national park service rangers. talk to me about the debris that you see falling in that video. what is it and did it hurt anybody? >> yeah. there was a lot of debris. there was some marble pieces as well. i could feel it in my hair. fortunately, there was one woman injured by it. the marble gashed her hand open, but we were able to get her cleaned up. we are very fortunate that no one got hurt. >> that's incredible. glad you're safe. thanks so much for being with
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us, appreciate it. so in addition to the new video that came out today, we got an update on the damage to the washington monument during the earthquake. what we know is that the interior damage analysis is complete. but the external damage anan sis analysis. a team of engineers repelling from the windows up at the top of the monument down. they will be going inch by inch. that will start at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and take five days. back to you anita and lesli. >> good to finally know when it may eventually reopen at some point. >> when you see that, you see all of that debris. >> that would scare you to death. scary enough in your house. >> and to see her going through, getting people out of there. >> and make sure she was the last one there. >> very good stuff. we hit 80 today. it didn't rain today or shower, so that's silver lining. we are going to stay unsettled
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for a while. warm if you are headed outside. 79 downtown. average high is 77 now. so that's above average. 81 in leesburg. 81 in frederick. and 81 down to the south in fredericksburg. all right, satellite picture radar combined, this is a familiar story. look at that swirl in the lower lakes. same storm since last monday. we're in day eight of this pattern. showers and storms right now in parts of ohio. they are going to stay to the west of us tonight. we will see a piece of energy rotate around that system and get in here tomorrow morning and really get in here tomorrow afternoon. probably the better chance will be tomorrow afternoon late and evening. day eight, same pattern. clouds tonight, but keep it dry. it remains warm through wednesday, showers possible tuesday morning and a better chance for showers and thunderstorms tuesday evening. may have a wet commute coming and going from work or school. late tonight, some clouds. by early in the morning, we see green, which is light activity. enough to wet the roads at 5:00, 6:00 in the morning.
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it wanes a little bit. we go through mid-morning. by lunchtime, we get a break. that rolls through between 5:00 and 7:00 tomorrow and it could be in the form of some moderate activity in terms of showers and a couple thunderstorms. for tonight, mostly cloudy, comfortable. some patchy fog possible. low temperatures in the 60s. all right, next seven days. we're in the same pattern on wednesday. 82. we finally break. thursday morning showers and clear out, partly cloudy, 78. cooler on friday. much cooler over the weekend. showers possible saturday during the terps game. 64 for a high. 62 on sunday, but gorgeous and 74 with sunshine on monday. so fall is going to start feeling like fall in just a bit. back to you guys. >> we have breaking news out of baltimore where sky 9 is live over a fire. this is a three-alarm fire at tire store. this is a two-story brick building and firefighters are
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concerned that it could collapse. there's a gas station nearby. paramedics treated one person who suffered burns to his hands, but they aren't sure what caused this fire. skins, cowboys, all eyes on dallas. >> this is as good as it gets. week three, i feel like we haven't built up enough tension to have this treat in week three. we'll have it anyway. tonight we find out if redskins are for real. the renewal of the redskin, cowboy rivalry under the bright lights of monday night football. the players have arrived. let's get it on. dave owens live in dallas after this.
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all right, it's one thing to beat the cardinals in your house. it's another thing entirely to beat the cowboys in their house in prime time on national tv. for those wondering if the redskins 2-0 start is for real, we're going to find out for sure tonight. dave owens is live in big d. among it all. what's the latest on the field, dave? >> hey brett, the redskin haves chance to become one of four teams undefeated after week three. let that sink in. and beat dallas in the process. boy, it would be sweet here tonight. this is the scene. let's show you some of the video. players coming out of the locker room. chris cooley, one of the first guys out of that locker room. he's had nagging hamstring
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injuries. it's dallas. what more needs to be said? >> all of our goals are ahead of us and we control that. so to get a chance to be 3-0 and 2-0 in the division, that's going to put us where we need to be. >> always the biggest week of the year. dallas week is so much fun. if you want to win two games a year, beat dallas. so we're going to try. >> landry says -- miss the entire preseason. and hamstring. he is right behind me warming up. if you want to take a look, he just got out on the field. he's going to be wearing a jacket tonight to cover up those injured and cracked ribs. we'll see about that tonight. that's not all. josh wilson, deer reel young
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for mike shanahan. felix jones with that separated shoulder. they are also question marks for the dallas cowboys. an injured hamstring. do you remember the last one? santana moss, everyone wants to talk about it. he says he wants to move forward. >> always brought up, so it's hard to leave it behind, but every year is a different year. we can't dwell on the fact what we did. it lasts five years since then, you know, we haven't had the best of years. we try to have a better outing the next time we see them. >> so a couple hours until kickoff, brett, coming up at 7:00, we'll have the latest on who is in and who is out of this ball game. back to you in the studio. >> how strange of a world we live in. the redskins could be 3-0 along with the bills and the lions. i know, you grew up in detroit.
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>> that is it for us. the cbs evening news is next and derek is back at 7:00. good night, everybody.

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